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In recent years, models wearing hijab and advocating Modest Fashion start surfacing the mainstream media. After an enormous response from the religious class, Adidas, Nike and Macy’s have started incorporating Hijab Fashion into their lines. Earlier this year, Adidas even had a model with a headscarf on their runway. Max Mara and Yeezy have also broadened their fashion horizons by having Hijab wearing models walking the runway.


For a very long time, the general perception was if you wanted to wear the Hijab you had to give up any claim to look fashionable, but now this perception has totally taken a U-turn. Modest Fashion, the type of fashion that focuses on showing very little skin has evolved to showcase some extremely beautiful and trendy outfits which would look incomplete without a beautiful head covering to complement it.

The range of headscarves available has also made them easier to style as they are available not only in a range of colors and fabrics but also in a variety of different styles. The Hijab might be plain or embroidered, printed or lined with pearls or covered with sequins to suit different occasions.


The growing Muslim middle class around the world and their enormous buying capacity have forced the brands to acknowledge that they can no longer let this market go untapped.


Fashion is a form of art and art is a way to connect with each other even when they are from various cultures and backgrounds. Hijab Fashion is no exception as it allows people the chance to see a different culture and tradition but in a chic and trendy way. This form of personal expression is also encouraging to eradicate the misconceptions about Muslim’s culture and make new friends.

So ladies, if your fashion style veers towards the modest style, don’t think you have to content yourself with blowsy looks because there is a whole new world of Hijabs to explore and look chic. 

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