The Holy Shield


The Muslim head coverings known as hijabs are used by thousands of Muslim women across the globe. Although their primary reason for using hijabs is religious, as Islam mandates women to cover their heads in order to promote modesty and decency, but people who wear them ( non muslims) also reap a few other benefits from its usage. As these scarves are used in a way that covers the head completely in about two or three layers as well as partially covers the face from the sides and bottom, they are a great way to protect the hair and face from harsh nature elements such as heat, sun rays and dust in the summers as well as rain and snow in the winters.

Initially, hijabs were black in color and there wasn't a lot of scopes as fashion was involved. However, this scenario has passed through many amendments in recent times. Very stylish hijabs are being designed in various colors, patterns, and styles. Hijabs for college kids and young professionals are spirited and bright colors whereas older or old ladies like dark and sober colors.

Hijabs are normally made from a thick material which is great at keeping the hair and face protected from external factors such as natural elements and pollutants present in the air. When the uncovered hair is exposed to the intense summer weather factors, they can prove to be quite damaging, causing dryness and loss of moisture as well as excessive hair breakage. So the covered head is safe from the heat and sun rays, providing the hair with an added layer of protection in addition to the conditioners or other hair care products that might be used. Similarly, winter hair woes include split ends due to excess dryness, dandruff, frizz and static. These problems can also be lessened substantially when the head is kept covered with hijabs while outside bearing the extremely cold winter season. Pollutants and toxins present in the air at all times are also avoided to quite an extent when the hair is kept covered.

The facial skin is the most sensitive area of the body, and it gets affected by weather and pollutants very easily. When exposed to these severe objects without any protection they can even cause skin diseases. Although there are numerous sub-blocks and other protection lotions available and widely used by women all around the world, the hijabs also act as a protecting agent from many of these elements. Therefore ladies, when covering your head you should know that hijab acts as a barrier that protects and shields not just your virtue but your hair and skin as well.

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